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Be like Anna and transform your career today.

Anna, HR Business Partner


30 Applications

14 Interviews 

(not counting second/third level interviews)

4 Offers

over a perioid of three months

"I recently found myself in need of a new job and was feeling overwhelmed by the process. Fortunately, Thomas offered his support and guidance, helping me to clarify my goals and stay motivated throughout the application process. With his help, I was able to find my dream job and I knew I could count on his support every step of the way.

Due to some changes in my company, I recently found myself looking for a new job. At first, I felt pretty overwhelmed by the process, especially since it had been a few years since I had last searched for a job. He was incredibly supportive, helping me to clarify my goals and overcome my fears. Throughout the application process, he was always there to provide guidance and motivation.

One thing I really appreciated about Thomas was how empathetic and honest he was. He was always willing to adapt his approach to fit my needs and never pushed me too hard or too fast. Through his guidance and thorough market research, I gained a much clearer sense of what I was looking for in a job. Thomas helped me focus on the essentials and understand what mattered most to me.

Thanks to Thomas's expertise, The whole journey was well-structured and easy to follow. Despite being in the driver's seat throughout the process, I always felt like I had his support and guidance to rely on. With his help, I could stay on track and keep moving forward until I found what I considered to be my dream job. And the best part?

I know that Thomas is just as happy for me as I am."

What others think about working with us.

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"It has been a pleasure exchanging ideas with Natalja due to her remarkable sense of empathy and unwavering focus on achieving the end goal. I confidently recommend her services"

Digital Transformation Specialist

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"She was my coach and mentor during my job search. Natalja developed a strategic plan for me that allowed me to find a job at a fantastic global media company." 

Brand Strategist

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"Her directions are always clear and I've never had a feeling that we're wasting time in the sessions because it's extremely efficient. But also Natalja is compassionate and listens to me. I bet no one would regret having sessions with her.”

Data Validator

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"Not only did Tom recruit me at Staples we also did hire various complex roles together. Thomas is extremly data driven and is also able to technically challenge any candidate - a rare yet extremely valuable skill”  

Global Head of TMO

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"Above and beyond expectations are the words coming top of mind when thinking back of the time we worked together. Thomas is so much more than a TA specialist, he's also a great HR Business Partner and a top notch TA leader."

Group HR Director

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"Thomas is not only extremely experienced, empathic, reliable, highly motivated to improve his area of responsibilities and focussed but also a fantastic colleague! I could always trust his advises and achievements." 

Managing Director

Transformative Action Process

This online course, designed by a psychologist and a recruiting enthusiast, is your go-to solution for a career in Germany.

It's geared towards (inter)national job seekers, helping them self-assess, identify the right career, create standout applications, ace interviews, determine their market value, and secure job offers.

14 Day Money back guarantee

You like it or you drop it. 14 days money back guarantee.

Develop your skills

We've compressed nine months of work into a 28 day program

Watch. Engage.

It´s not our path - it´s your path. So be prepared to put in some effort and activate your growth mindset.

Video material

You get eight hours of compressed video material.


Our workbook including a game plan draft ensures a comphrensive overview.


With different quests we ensure that you must act.

What each week is about
28 days of pure transformation

Discover four weeks of pure change.

Week 1: rock solid foundation.

It's important to set a clear foundation for your learning and growth mindset when mapping out your career path. This will help ensure you have the minimum knowledge needed, including identifying your perfect company.

Week 2: Nail every single part of the process.

This week is about mastering every part of your recruitment process and nailing every single interview on autopilot. For example, you will learn about interview techniques and the connection between your desired career paths, your IDP, and their WHY questions. Exceptional video experiences with transcripts, quizzes, and tables of contents.

Week 3: Fixed mindset vs. Growth Mindset. You choose.

We will cover all parts of mindset, anxiety, and body language and how that can make all the difference, from winning what is suitable for you to encaging yourself with your mind.

Week 4: It´s all about execution now. You´ll be in flow by now.

In our last week together, we are focussing on execution only. You will combine all you have learned and start with your "Sprint."

Course lessons in detail

Each day includes notes that you can easily download (that´s what the paperclips are for)

Leverage your Game Plan

Our workbook provides blueprints to define how to find market insights on your market value and employability sources to find your perfect employer, location, and job. Lastly, you can always reflect on it.


Our workbook ensures that you have everything that we cover in one pdf file so you can always come back to it, review and / or reflect on it.

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What this course cannot deliver

What´s not included

When you are seeking legal advice on how to immigriate to Germany or any other legal advice

When you are seeking tax advice in any form 

When you seek support regarding moving to Germany (i.e. finding a flat and so on).

When you don´t have the time / can make the time to commit to this program. 

Designed with professionals in mind

We’ve helped individuals like you obtain their careers that they wanted and crafted a course out of our experience.

Forward Thinking

Our course is designed to empower you, not impose on you. You are actively driving the progress.

Flexible training

You learn at your own pace. 

14 Days to test

We´re sure about the value of our program. If you don´t like it. You can drop out within the first fourteen days after your purchase. Period.

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Course taught by a psychologist

Hi! I'm Natalja, a Digital Freelance Recruiter and career Coach with over 7 years of HR experience. I've interviewed 1,500+ candidates, and my mission is to help people find their true calling. As a certified Life Coach with a Master's Degree in Psychology, I would love to guide you towards a more fulfilling and authentic life.

Featured coach

Join me on a journey of purpose and self-discovery! 

Natalja Atapin

Digital Freelance Recruiter & Career Coach

... and a  recruiting lead

Hi, I'm Tom. 

Inspired by my grandfather, who migrated to Germany during the seventies, I created a program to help others achieve their dreams. 

I am deeply passionate about recruiting. I have a Master's in HR Management and 10+ years of international recruiting experience conducting 1500+ interviews and 150+ hires. I'm data-driven, always looking for new ways to improve candidate experience and personal branding. Let me guide you on your journey of self-discovery and growth.

Featured coach

Start your journey now with our help.

Thomas Bartelsen

(Freelance) Senior Talent Acquisiton Partner & Career Coach

We make real results happen.

We firmly believe in the quality of our course. If you don´t like it within 14 days - you´ll get your money back. Period.

Unlimited access

Our courses are convenient, can be taken at your own pace and can be repeated as many times as you like until you master the knowledge!

Master your field

Whether you want to start your own business or master a specific field, we have the tools, resources and curriculum to help you succeed with YOUR career.

Interactive content

I Interact with our content as you've never interacted with content before. Our learning experience focuses on your involvement and not on "teaching". We're paving the way, but your application is the course.

Take charge of your professional journey and embrace the joy of discovering your genuine career path

We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your professional field.

Frequently asked questions about our online course

How long does the course take?

The course takes one month with a daily effort of roughly 30 minutes on average. This includes both own content and your efforts.

Who is this course for?

This course is made for white collar professionals  and fits to you if you are a national or international jobseeker that wants to work in Germany. Additionally this course is for you if you are a seasoned professional or manager. It is not made for you if you are an executive. 

Are there any prerequisites for the course?

None, besides english.  Likewise this course is neither made for executives nor blue-collar positions.

Please see the question "Whom is this course for" as well to see if there is a fit. Besides, you must  be willing to put in the effort. This is an inquisitive journey  to determine what´s your career path. Without you, there is no course.  

Is there a money back guarantee for the course?

Yes, there is a full 14 day money back gurantee. Just write us an e-mail to the email provided after buying the course (rememberATnameofourwebsite) within 14 days of your purchase. Please bear in mind that we need roughly 2 working days to respond to your inquiry and once your refund has been issued it might take up to 10 days until your bank refunds you the money. This time period cannot be influenced by us. We´ll let you know once your money has been refunded by us. 
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With our structured free guide you quickly learn how to answer the toughest interview questions with ease. 

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