Well, how did we end up here?

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In case you are interested how this course got created. 

Our companies

Our partnership

In the end this is a collaboration in between Talents and Prodigies UG (haftungsbeschränkt) and TAP Sourcing S.L. that resulted into our mutual Transformative Action Process.

By the way, the name similarity between Nats and Tom's company was by incident. The title of the course is intentional.

How this course got created & "peer" reviewed.

You might ask how we created this course. Well, that´s our story. 

Our secret sauce

LOADS of espresso went into this

Research time

Plenty of research time

Passion creates results

We have challenged each other along the path and only let the best come into our course

January 2023

Tom started with research on how to prepare a course for national and international jobseekers.

March 2023

Tom realized his blind spots and asked Nat to join in order to cover his blind spots and secondly because she´s a psychologist, coach & has literally a completely different personality according to MBTI. Tom & Nat agree on establishing two separate courses and not speak with each other until their ideas are finalized. The reason: at the end we can combine the "best of two worlds". 

March - June 2023

During this time Nat and Tom create their course outline, course content and do a "mock" recording to fully test each and every idea. Likewise they run first tests on clients to have a "proof of concepts".  Lastly, they prepare the first steps for a workbook.

End of June 2023

After thoroughly reviewing all of it, Nat and Tom compare their courses and create the TAP Interview course that includes the best from both worlds.  At the end of June both go into a studio and record roughly 24hrs of raw content. Our TAP Interview course was born.

July - September 2023

Nat and Tom prepare the course content and cut it down to a 30 day program with sizeable chunks per day. Additionally, it´s time to produce the Trailer, finalize the workbook and get this website up and running.

October 2023

Nine months of complete dedication have gone into this program. And we´re live.

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