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Experience a transformative six-week personalized remote career coaching with Tom. 

Looking to level up your career in Germany?

Let me be your supportive guide! I offer personalized coaching sessions and you can see my approach below. 

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Our way ahead

#1 Preparation

First of all we must identify your direction to get out of the "forest of distractions".

 This game plan is your go-to-market strategy, prepared by a recruiting nerd with all market insights and tailored to YOUR needs.

#2 Game Plan served

Equipped with your game plan that you get sent 10 working days after answering the questions, we set up a first appointment to discuss your game plan and market insights. 

#3 Discussion

Once we have your game plan ready, we can move into a 1hr discussion. Therefore please select an appointment after you´ve received your game plan.

#4 Review

Once we determine our direction, we'll evaluate your Linkedin and application documents to ensure success aligning with YOUR career goals and customize everything accordingly.

#5 Action

Time to dive into the water and give it your all. I'm by your side. Once you´re at interview stage, we´ll do a mock interview.

#6 Retro

30 days after your first sprint, we do a retro, adapt, and then you're ready to rock!

Be like Anna and transform your career today.

Anna, HR Business Partner


30 Applications

14 Interviews 

(not counting second/third level interviews)

4 Offers

over a perioid of three months

"I recently found myself in need of a new job and was feeling overwhelmed by the process. Fortunately, Thomas offered his support and guidance, helping me to clarify my goals and stay motivated throughout the application process. With his help, I was able to find my dream job and I knew I could count on his support every step of the way.

Due to some changes in my company, I recently found myself looking for a new job. At first, I felt pretty overwhelmed by the process, especially since it had been a few years since I had last searched for a job. He was incredibly supportive, helping me to clarify my goals and overcome my fears. Throughout the application process, he was always there to provide guidance and motivation.

One thing I really appreciated about Thomas was how empathetic and honest he was. He was always willing to adapt his approach to fit my needs and never pushed me too hard or too fast. Through his guidance and thorough market research, I gained a much clearer sense of what I was looking for in a job. Thomas helped me focus on the essentials and understand what mattered most to me.

Thanks to Thomas's expertise, The whole journey was well-structured and easy to follow. Despite being in the driver's seat throughout the process, I always felt like I had his support and guidance to rely on. With his help, I could stay on track and keep moving forward until I found what I considered to be my dream job. And the best part?

I know that Thomas is just as happy for me as I am."

Trusted by top-level management and always ready to take bold action to find your true calling together.

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"Not only did Tom recruit me at Staples we also did hire various complex roles together. Thomas is extremly data driven and is also able to technically challenge any candidate - a rare yet extremely valuable skill”  

Global Head of TMO

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"Above and beyond expectations are the words coming top of mind when thinking back of the time we worked together. Thomas is so much more than a TA specialist, he's also a great HR Business Partner and a top notch TA leader."

Group HR Director

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"Thomas is not only extremely experienced, empathic, reliable, highly motivated to improve his area of responsibilities and focussed but also a fantastic colleague! I could always trust his advises and achievements. "

Managing Director

Designed for you and tailored for the german market.

  • Gameplan

    Our workbook gives you blueprints to define

    • how to find market insights on YOUR market value and employability

    • sources on your how to find YOUR perfect employer, location & job

      Lastly, you can always come back to it to reflect.

Markus, Commercial Lead about Tom

  • "Tom is a recruiter with an absolute passion for talent acquisition."

    "I have had the opportunity to get to know him from both sides. Firstly as a candidate and secondly as a hiring manager. I have had nothing but good experiences with him on both sides.

    In the context of the employee experience, my hiring process was ideal thanks to Thomas. He was always transparent, fast, and friendly and most importantly, he always kept his commitments.

    I also enjoyed working with Thomas as a hiring manager. Here he was a true business partner, fast, with good shortlisting and a hunter's mentality. I would work with Thomas again any time."

We make real results happen.

"We guide you from identifying your initial career aspiration to that moment when you are filled with zeal for your perfect career."

Six weeks of personalized coaching

I only take on a limited number of clients per month. That's to ensure that I can really focus on you.

Structured Questionnaire 

Based on a blueprint, I'll tailor a market research experience just for you! 

Answer questions about your preferences to uncover your dream career, expected salary, and proven tactics for finding the best employers. Let's start this exciting journey together!

Game Plan as safe harbour

Based on all that data we can work on your game plan. This will be your safe harbour and include all relevant market data regarding you.

First remote chat (1hrs)

Based on your game plan we´ll discuss your application strategy and get you up and running in order to have your application documents and linkedin ready to go.


As recruitment processes take time, we´ll set up a review after 30 days. 

You got questions meanwhile? Drop me a mail.

Mock interview (1hr) with feedback

You got the first interview upcoming? Let´s do a mock interview and receive detailled feedback on it. 

Retrospective (1hr)

This retro shall help identify possible learnings and actionable feedback that you received from the market, which might be necessary to adapt your strategy and find your ideal job. 

Obviously I can´t guarantee that you get a job offer, but I can ensure that we increase your odds.

Don't worry, I've had many rejections in my life. Yet, it took me ages to understand that each "no" towards your true authentic self is a "yes" to yourself.

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What this course cannot deliver

What´s not included

When you are seeking legal advice on how to immigriate to Germany or any other legal advice

When you are seeking tax advice in any form 

When you seek support regarding moving to Germany (i.e. finding a flat and so on).

When you don´t have the time / can make the time to commit to this program. 

Not what you were looking for and need immediate help ?

You have an upcoming interview or need urgent advice - look no further, Nat got you covered.

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