How Anna got 4 offers out of 30 applications.

Anna, HR Business Partner


30 Applications

14 Interviews 

(not counting second/third level interviews)

4 Offers

over a perioid of three months

"Thanks to Thomas expertise, The whole journey was well-structured and easy to follow. Despite being in the driver's seat throughout the process, I always felt like I had his support and guidance to rely on. With his help, I could stay on track and keep moving forward until I found what I considered to be my dream job. And the best part? 

I know that Thomas is just as happy for me as I am."

Imagine having a lead recruiter as your career coach, trusted by executives, who will be your codriver to success.

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"Tom is not only extremely experienced, empathic, reliable, highly motivated to improve his area of responsibilities and focussed but also a fantastic colleague! I could always trust his advises and achievements. "

Managing Director

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"Above and beyond expectations are the words coming top of mind when thinking back of the time we worked together. Thomas is so much more than a TA specialist, he's also a great HR Business Partner and a top notch TA leader."

Group HR Director

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"Not only did Tom recruit me at Staples we also did hire various complex roles together. Thomas is extremly data driven and is also able to technically challenge any candidate - a rare yet extremely valuable skill”  

Global Head of TMO

Who is my career coach?

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Meet Tom. 

A Recruiting lead with 13+ years of experience in recruiting. Currently working as Sr. Talent Acquisition Partner for a leading IT automotive country, serving a central European cluster. His background includes one bachelor's degree in human resource management in Australia, an international business degree in Germany, and an extra-occupational master's degree in human resource management. Tom takes pride in recruiting various commercial roles, including multiple department ramp-ups and up to the director level. Tom is of German, Italian, and Danish descent and has lived abroad in Spain and Australia. Not only did he study in English and abroad, but he also studied in a diverse cohort of 15 nationalities. Due to his migration background, he takes pride in helping others to achieve their dreams in Germany.

We achieve real results.

We guide you from identifying your initial career aspiration to the moment when you are filled with zeal for your perfect career.

Supercharge Your Progress with Six weeks of Personalized Coaching!

We limit the number of coachees per month to give you our full attention.

A questionnaire to understand your true desires.

Let us create a custom market research experience for you, based on your preferences. Answer questions about your dream career, salary expectations, and strategies for finding top employers. Let's embark on this exciting journey together!

Game Plan as safe harbour

We can use all that data to create your game plan, which will provide you with a safe haven and include relevant market data about you.

First remote chat (1hrs)

Based on your game plan, let's kick-start a discussion to strategize your application journey and ensure your application documents and LinkedIn profile are primed and ready for success!


After 30 days, we'll schedule a review since recruitment takes time. If you have any questions in the meantime, please email me.

Mock interview (1hr) with feedback

Get ready for your upcoming first interview! Level up your skills with a mock interview and receive detailed feedback on it.

Retrospective (1hr)

This retrospective will help identify possible learnings and actionable feedback that you received from the market, which might be necessary to adapt your strategy and find your ideal job. Obviously I can't guarantee that you get a job offer, but I can ensure that we increase your odds. Don't worry, I've had many rejections in my life. Yet, it took me ages to understand that each "no" towards your true authentic self is a "yes" to yourself.

Your Game Plan is all about YOU, centered around YOUR success.

  • Gameplan

    Our workbook provides a roadmap to uncover market insights on YOUR market value and employability. Discover sources on how to find YOUR perfect employer, location & job. And remember, you can always revisit it for reflection.

Tailored for you and the german market

With 13+ years experience and working as a recruiting lead we´ll be your gamechanger to find your ideal career in Germany.

Forward Thinking

We believe in setting you up for success with strong foundation (your game plan). Your game plan gives you actionale steps to find your ideal career.

Six week support

With six weeks support you can quickstart your success today.

Expert instructor

With your personal recruiting lead as career coach you can avoid common mistakes and higher your chances of getting offers.
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Markus, Commercial Lead about Tom

  • "Tom is a recruiter with an absolute passion for talent acquisition."

    "I have had the opportunity to get to know him from both sides. Firstly as a candidate and secondly as a hiring manager. I have had nothing but good experiences with him on both sides.

    In the context of the employee experience, my hiring process was ideal thanks to Thomas. He was always transparent, fast, and friendly and most importantly, he always kept his commitments.

    I also enjoyed working with Thomas as a hiring manager. Here he was a true business partner, fast, with good shortlisting and a hunter's mentality. I would work with Thomas again any time."

Your success story starts here.

Let's collaborate to find your dream career.

We'll help unleash your potential to excel in your profession.

Featured coach

Thomas Bartelsen


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If you need help with moving to Germany, such as finding a flat, seek support.

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