Recruiting 101: Navigating the Maze: Choosing Your Ideal Career Path.

Oct 1 / Thomas Bartelsen
Choosing a career can be challenging. We can help! Consider becoming a specialist, climbing the ladder, or a cross-functional master. Each path has pros and cons. Stay competitive with our tips and resources like Berufenet and job ads. With perseverance, the possibilities are endless.

Many options are available, such as becoming a specialist in your field. You could also climb the ladder and gain disciplinary authority or budget responsibility. Another option is to become a cross-functional agile master, able to adapt quickly and work across different departments. Whatever path you choose, remember that with hard work and dedication, there's no limit to what you can achieve!

Your paths are quickly explained.

Being a specialist in your field and going down the rabbit hole of knowledge is a great way to become an expert in your chosen field. You'll be able to provide valuable insights and solutions that others may not have considered, making you an indispensable asset to any team or organization. 

Climbing the ladder
can also be a rewarding career path, allowing you to take on more responsibility and leadership roles within your company. With each promotion comes new challenges and opportunities for growth, allowing you to hone your skills while expanding your network of contacts. 

If you're after versatility, becoming a cross-functional manager (i.e., change manager, multi-department project manager, or another interface role such as agile master) might be the perfect fit for you! This type of role requires flexibility, adaptability, and strong communication skills - all highly valued by employers today. 

Success requires effort and commitment, no matter the path. Stay focused and open to new possibilities. Reflect on your passions and skills before choosing a career. Opportunities will come with determination.

We recommend doing the 16 Personalities to understand what you most thrive in. Is it perfect and flawless? No. But it´s a start (click here)

Pros and Cons of each career path

As we all know, every career path has its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Let's take a closer look at these factors. For those who choose to specialize in a particular field, it can be an enriching experience. You become an expert in your field, which makes you an invaluable resource for others seeking knowledge in that subject area. However, if the domain you specialize in becomes obsolete, for example, due to artificial intelligence, you may need help to keep up with the ever-changing trends. Additionally, your future job prospects may be limited to this specific area, which can limit your options for career advancement.

On the other hand, advancing up the career ladder can provide you with more authority and responsibility. However, this can also lead to increased stress levels, primarily if you are tasked with managing others or handling financial matters. Therefore, developing a diverse set of skills is essential to help you stand out and ensure job security in the long run. By constantly learning and expanding your knowledge base, you can stay ahead of the competition and adapt to changing industry trends. This may involve attending workshops or taking online courses outside of work hours.

If you're looking for a career path that will provide you with diverse tasks and a chance to work with many different stakeholders, consider pursuing a role that emphasizes cross-functional collaboration. Examples of such functions could include an agile coach or a multi-project manager. These positions typically allow individuals to gain experience in various areas, which can open numerous internal and external career opportunities down the line.
Ultimately, it's essential to weigh the benefits of specializing in one area against the advantages of having a broader range of skills. Only you can decide which approach suits your unique goals and aspirations.

It's worth noting that having a diverse skill set can also make you a more attractive candidate to potential employers. While specialization has benefits, having a wide range of skills can make you more versatile and better equipped to handle various tasks. This can open up more job opportunities, particularly in smaller companies where employees are often expected to wear multiple hats. Ultimately, the key to success in any career is to strike a balance between specialization and versatility. By doing so, you can ensure that you are well-equipped to handle any challenges that come your way while also remaining competitive in the job market.

From almost immediate one hour coaching, to a self-paced e-learning course, all the way to a six-week guided program, we've got you covered!

These coachings are tailor-made to tackle your unique challenges based on the above obstacles you encounter.

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Quick support

Individual one-hour career coaching

This option provides immediate career coaching assistance such as mock interviews, answering pressing career questions, and CV/LinkedIn profile assistance.

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Transformative Action Process

This is our signature eLearning course.

This is right for you if you have 28 days for change, prefer to work by yourself and commit to your quests.
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Individual six-week career coaching

This is right for you if you want constant sparring, guided assistance and back-up, and a go-to person along the path for answers to all arising questions.

Leveraging data from Berufenet of the federal job agency to your advantage to find what suits you

Let´s assume you want to go into agile coaching and understand development paths. An easy way is to check on the berufenet of our federal job agency, which provides all that information. Remember, your browser auto-translates for you.  It will give you ideas on what to know and where to go.
Likewise, if you were to go up the career ladder, you can check on a job ad on Stepstone and see for yourself whether you would like that.

It´s not one size fits it all. It´s your career path.

In conclusion, many career paths are available, and it's up to you to decide which suits your skills and interests best. Whether you specialize in a specific field, climb the career ladder, or become a cross-functional master, remember that success requires hard work and dedication. We recommend doing the 16 Personalities test to understand your strengths and weaknesses better. Additionally, weighing the pros and cons of each career path and developing a diverse set of skills to remain competitive in the job market is essential.

Lastly, use resources like Berufenet and job ads to gain insight into potential career paths. You can achieve your career goals and thrive in your chosen profession with determination and focus.
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