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Aug 31 / Thomas Bartelsen
According to Sebastian Dittmer's post (Stepstone CEO), the market shortage is visible in one precise figure. He stated, "From 55 days in 2010 to 156 days now, the time to hire in Germany has tripled." But that's not all. Germany will lose 26% of its working population without migration within the next 30 years. 

The time to hire is from posting a job ad until closing. So why is that important for you? Because it gives you a first indicator of the job market in general. Just imagine you are a manager yourself, and you are waiting half a year to close a requisition. And remember, this does not mean that the person starts then. It´s pretty standard to have a three-month notice period. 

Afterward comes an onboarding period, and so on. So, out of the perspective of employers, it might well take a year until you as an employee are really up and running. 
What that means for a company is that every open role costs an average of 29,000 euros per role, according to recent research by Stepstone.

Afterward comes an onboarding period, and so on. So, out of the perspective of employers, it might well take a year until you as an employee are really up and running.

Such data suggest a generic people shortage in Germany. Yet, there might be vast differences from job to job and region to region. That's why it's best to consider your specific job profile data. And that's where the federal job data comes in handy.

Germanys federal job agency collects job data  - including yours - and you can leverage this to your advantage.

Before diving deep into finding the right job for you in Germany, you should assess the overall situation of your field in Germany. 

For that purpose, the federal job agency (link) provides a wealth of free and helpful information.  irstly, please remember to use the auto-translate function of your browser.

So, let's say you are a DevOps Engineer and want to migrate to Germany. When you enter your term within "Berufe auf einen Blick" (the platform name), you get the consolidated data of all jobs summarized within this title. If you are unsure what the right job title might be, you can go to BERUFENET that offers a great wealth of job paths in Germany.

Back to the data set. You can see data such as unemployment rate (of your job area) per region, salary per region, most relevant industry sectors where others are employed and much more. Please remember that there is more precise data once you select your desired region and use the mentioned salary data sets, as this data consolidates similar jobs into one meta category and is therefore too high / too low. 
Now, let´s assume that the first data set is favorable for you and you´re interested in further a more tailor-made analysis based on your experience. Then, you go into the next step and assess your market value.Great sources for salary data, in this case as DevOps Engineer, are:
As in the case of Microsoft, a job applicant can estimate the rough salary range and combine this with other data sets to get an educated guess. 

This list is not comprehensive, but gives a first idea.
As a last tip, we recommend checking out a website by our federal government that is called Make it in Germany and combines a wealth of information from A-Z.

Ensure to make an informed decision before making a move or applying.

As a summary, we recommend you check out all datasets from "Berufe auf einen Blick," Berufenet, and all salary datasets to ensure that you have a valid Go / No-Go decision. 
Given that your research is positive, we strongly suggest reading this blog article to ensure you are prepared to kickstart your career in Germany if you are unsure about the right employer.

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